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LEGO Universe opens the Nexus Tower

Eliot Lefebvre

It's always nice to finish a big construction project of LEGO bricks, even if you're just making something out of spare bricks on your desktop instead of working. It's the same for LEGO Universe, but in a somewhat more substantive fashion -- the Nexus Tower, a massive structure composed of a huge number of bricks, has finally been completed in-game. Thanks to players donating bricks and working toward the tower's completion, everyone can start enjoying the features of this large-scale hub as well as several content updates due to accompany it.

Players who explore the tower will find over 50 new missions to undertake as well as several faction leaders to work alongside as they learn more about the history of the game's multiversal setting. There are also new items, new pets, new daily missions, and a promise of more content to come down the pipeline following this. LEGO Universe players can check out all of the new stuff in-game now, but if you can't log in right at the moment, take a look at the trailer just after the break.

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