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Lord of the Rings Online Update 3 goes live


Middle-Earth just got a little bit bigger with the release of Lord of the Rings Online's Update 3: Lost Legends of Eriador. The latest addition to LotRO -- which our own Justin got some hands-on time with a couple of weeks ago -- brings with it two new three-player instances and two new skirmishes to challenge the denizens of Middle-Earth.

The new instances are Halls of Night, and Inn of the Forsaken. The former is for players level 40 to 65 and sees the players trapped in in a dangerous dream realm by the devious Barrow-wight Nightmare. The players must battle their way through this living nightmare to defeat the evil that inhabits it in order to earn their freedom. The latter is for players from level 20 to 65 and has players investigating rumors of strange occurrences at the aptly named Forsaken Inn. The new skirmishes, Attack at Dawn and Icy Crevasse, are for levels 30 to 65 and 40 to 65, respectively, and pit the players against a variety of threats in the defense of Esteldin, Evendim, and ultimately, the whole of Middle-Earth.

If you want to get in and help defend (or destroy) the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, you can sign up at the official site.

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