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Halo: Reach gets free demo, one-week Games on Demand price drop

With over eight million units sold (and that was in January!), Kinect has proven to be a massive hit for Microsoft, strategically extending the hardcore Xbox 360 brand to a more casual audience. It's to this more casual Xbox audience that we now direct this here news post.

So you've wrapped up Kinect Adventures, aced every Dance Central track, and stomached more than a minute of Fighters Uncaged? If you were wondering what people did with these video game consoles before Kinect came along, we have the answer: It's called Halo: Reach and Microsoft wants to make sure you try it out. Starting today, the uninitiated can download a free demo for
Reach that includes the "Long Night of Solace" campaign mission, the Free for All Slayer and Headhunter multiplayer modes on the "Powerhouse" map, and Firefight on the "Overlook" map.

If you like what you see, you can unlock the entire game from the Games on Demand service for the reduced price of $39.99 (£39.99/€39.99) this week only. So put down that Game Boat, pick up a controller, and see what else your Xbox can do.

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