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OnLive's Space Marine pre-order includes free MicroConsole and Darksiders


Yet again, OnLive and THQ have hooked up to give you a free MicroConsole. And, as avowed free stuff enthusiasts, we greet the mental image of a mighty mountain of MicroConsoles approvingly.

The latest offer is for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. If you pre-order the "Full PlayPass" of the streaming game between now and August 22, you'll get a free MicroConsole -- or, if (as is becoming ever more likely) you already have one, you can choose a free game instead (by pre-ordering by May 31). You'll also get $5 off the regular $50 price, and a free copy of Darksiders.

We're sure any OnLive execs you meet would also personally hug you, though that bonus isn't explicitly documented.

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