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Hidden app snaps pics of alleged crook (Updated)


Update: Josh reports that an arrest has been made and his MacBook is now in the custody of the Oakland PD.

Have you seen the man in the picture at right? If you live in the Bay Area and you've seen him with a MacBook in hand, you might want to consider calling the Oakland police.

Joshua Kaufman has images supplied by the Hidden app that show this man using a MacBook that was allegedly stolen from Kaufman's apartment. Through the use of Hidden, Kaufman was able to get some great pictures and the location of the computer, and posted those photos on his Tumblr. We picked this up after John Welch tweeted the link.

The Oakland PD is apparently understaffed, so Kaufman is pinging the Oakland Mayor's office for help in retrieving his MacBook. In the meanwhile, consider this a Amber MacBook Alert. We're reaching out to the Oakland PD for comment.

Update: We received confirmation that Josh Kaufman did file a police report on March 31, 2011, and that a MacBook was listed as part of the loss in the burglary.

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