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Buckle in for Uncharted 3's Collector's Edition


The Collector's Edition of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception will include something special to display under-slash-over your artfully half-tucked shirt: a replica of Nathan Drake's belt buckle! It also includes a ring with a necklace strap, and a Nathan Drake figurine -- wearing a tiny replica belt buckle and ring of its own! How meta! The game is packed in a Steelbook case, and the whole thing is loaded into a "travelling chest" box, for $99.99. A similar special edition has been announced for Europe.

On top of that, Sony has sweetened several different pots with a bunch of retailer-exclusive pre-order DLC. Best Buy offers a "regeneration booster" to heal more quickly; Amazon gives players a "Carpet Bomb Kickback" (allowing you to send out three grenades at once) and a clip size augmentation for the Para 9 or G-MAL weapons. GameStop's super weird offering is the "Creepy Crawler Kickback," which turns you "into a swarm of deadly creatures for a limited time." Wal-Mart puts a laser sight on your in-game AK-47 that your entire team can see. Other "participating retailers" provide a PSN avatar and a static theme.

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