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Magic Pixel Games formed by THQ, EA, Activision vets

Though some companies are characterized as being chock-full of "movers and shakers," we can't think of a company more deserving of the phrase than the newly formed development studio Magic Pixel Games. According to the developer's press release announcement, the team is composed of THQ, Electronic Arts and Activision veterans, including Boom Blox lead engineer Jeff Dixon and senior development director Mark Tsai. The announcement adds that the team possesses an "unparalleled grasp of human motion and physics to create unforgettable motion gaming experiences on console platforms."

What does that mean? Well, it probably means that Magic Pixel's first big title is going to incorporate some kind of motion controller. What else does it mean? It means that everyone knows there knows how to physically move their own bodies, which is a handy skill for any living being. More specific details about their upcoming projects should surface soon -- the press release also promises that Magic Pixel's debut title will launch this holiday season.

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LOS ANGELES – June 2, 2011 -- Magic Pixel Games, a new video game development company has been formed in Los Angeles, California. The team builds on their core expertise in motion-controlled gaming to produce innovative, family-friendly experiences with a signature blend of wonderment and humor.

Led by award-winning veterans from many high profile console game companies, such as THQ, Electronic Arts and Activision, Magic Pixel Games will initially develop and work with external partners to publish video games using the team's unparalleled grasp of human motion and physics to create unforgettable motion gaming experiences on console platforms.

"This company was formed because the team has developed a unique chemistry and talent for building engaging gameplay, capitalizing on the strength of any given game platform - motion control or otherwise," said Mark Tsai, president, Magic Pixel Games. "With our first title launching this holiday season, we look forward to new challenges and partnerships that allow us to continue finding the fun in everything we do and every product we make."

Magic Pixel Games was founded in 2010 by an accomplished team with more than 65 video game titles developed and published in the industry. The company anticipates working on a variety of exciting opportunities in the future. For more information about the Magic Pixel Games, please visit the company website,

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