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World of WarCrafts: June is an excellent month for cake

Anne Stickney

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When putting together cake and confectionery posts for this column, I often receive feedback that the cakes presented are a little one-sided -- mainly, that the majority of them appear to be Horde or Horde-related. I can only work with the material I'm given, and judging from the submissions I receive, the Horde is a little more popular when it comes to cake design. Maybe it's something to do with the logo being incredibly easy to construct in baked form.

However, Alliance players should be pleased and more than a little awestruck by the first submission today: a two-tiered cake in Alliance blue with the Alliance logo and wee little reproductions of the player and his wife's characters on the top -- all completely edible! It's a birthday cake almost too good to eat. (Almost.)

On top of that, today we've got a selection of wedding cakes, groom's cakes, and even an edible murloc. Who says they have to eat us? Follow after the break for more!

While I do love baking, I've never tried my hand at anything as complicated as our first submission, courtesy of priest Vkandiss from the guild Moxie on the Bladefist (US-A) server. "Today (April 28th) is my husband's 30th birthday, so I wanted to do something special for him," she writes. "I worked with a friend of mine to design him a WoW cake with many of his favorite or memorable elements, and attached is what we came up with! She did most of the figures, so I can't take the credit there, but together we worked on this and I think it came out fantastic! Especially since my friend, Beth, is not a WoW player and had to do a lot of research to help me out."

"Something special" is certainly right, as the player figures aren't the only thing on the cake! "The figures on top are his main Verata and my priest, Vkandiss," Vkandiss notes. "Also included are a Flask of the Draconic Mind, the Floating Skull minipet -- his favorite, Muckbreath, who is my favorite minipet, the Albino drake which is his favorite mount, Fish Feast (still the more iconic buff food in my mind!), and of course his trusty Voidwalker minion. And who could forget the Alliance crest or the achievement banner for dinging Level 30?" Who could forget, indeed -- and I doubt anyone is ever going to forget that cake. Thanks for your submission, Vkandiss!

We've got birthday cakes galore, it seems, including the following submission from Pierre: a completely edible baby murloc. "My wife has a habit of organising a cake for my work colleagues and me every year for my birthday," he writes. "Every year it is a surprise (she never lets me know ahead of the time what the theme is) and this year it was Murky the baby Murloc. I loved it needless to say, and the cake itself was a treat – a butter toffee filling with lovely fondant icing." Sounds tasty to me!

"On the WoW side," Pierre continues, "we have been playing since the days of vanilla, first on Turalyon (EU) and for the last three years or so on Darkspear (EU). We are actually South African, my main a paladin, Garethmardor, and her main a mage, Nualafey. It is a bit of tradition with us to play a paladin/mage or knight/mage combination as well as the names of the characters."

"On a personal side, we are heading for our 14th wedding anniversary, and yes, I am one of the older players in our guild being 44 years young," he says. "Good thing there weren't any candles, else the poor Murloc would have been burnt to death. And yes, I am very lucky to have a wife that shares interests and with whom one can spend time in Azeroth as well as outside of it!" Well, a happy belated birthday to you, Pierre, and congratulations on your upcoming anniversary -- if it's a Warcraft one, be sure to send in pictures!
Speaking of June, it's a pretty good month for weddings, and you know what that means -- groom's cakes! We had a couple of groom's cake submissions, including the one pictured above from Melarien of the guild Elysiam on the Shadowmoon server (US-H). "John (Ludvig) and I (Melarien) got married on March 19, 2011," writes the bride. "We both play on Shadowmoon in the guild, Elysiam. The photo above was taken by Larry Wharton (Kayhettin), guild leader and close friend of John's. Our cake designer carved this cake from a Horde graphic I sent her -- Cinda's Creative Cakes in Holly Springs, NC. I've read your World of WarCrafts column and I totally feel this cake deserves a thumbnail in the batch!" Wish granted, Melarien; thank you for your submission, and congratulations to you both!

But why stop at the groom's cake? Our next submission from player Kristen isn't just a groom's cake, it's the actual wedding cake -- and it also includes figures of the players, although they aren't edible. "I have always enjoyed browsing the cakes on WoW Insider, and this past weekend I decided to put a WoW plan into action and made a cake for a wedding," Kristen writes. "The couple enjoys playing WoW so much I just had to make it part of their ceremony. With the exception of the cake topper sculpted into their characters (my husband, Randy, made those so they could keep them after the wedding), everything on the cake is completely edible and made from scratch -- including a yummy marshmallow fondant."

Complex? You bet -- and the attention to detail on this cake is pretty amazing. "To get the colors right," Kristen continued, "food dye was water colored over the entire surface to give it an other-wordly feel. It was really fun to make, I can't wait to try something else!"

Well, I'd have to say that if this was your first effort at a WoW-themed cake, you can call it a complete success, Kristen! I hope the happy couple enjoyed devouring Azeroth and that you continue with the cake creation. As always, if you come up with anything new, feel free to send it in; we'd love to see it.

We have even more delicious birthday cakes and wedding cakes in the gallery -- why don't you take a peek? If you have a Warcraft-themed cake or confectionery creation, feel free to send it in!

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