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10th anniversary retail poster tells of Apple's retail journey


Almost two weeks ago, Apple celebrated the 10th anniversary of its retail stores, and took the opportunity to launch iPads as in-store product information kiosks.

But, as MacRumors reports, there was also a mark of the occasion behind the scenes: a moving poster meant for store employees that artfully details the lessons gleaned from a decade in retail.

The poster begins, "In the last 10 years, we've learned a lot. We've learned to treat every day with the same enthusiasm we had on the first day. We've learned the importance of giving our customers just as much attention as they give us. And we've learned the art of hiring the right people for the right positions. We've learned it's better to adapt to the neighborhood rather than expecting the neighborhood to adapt to us. Which is why we spend so much time and energy building stores the way we do."

It continues with other revealing bits of information about Apple's retail stores: "We've also learned that glass can be much more than glass. We've learned that a 32'6" transparent glass box can stand tall even among the giants of the Manhattan skyline. That when glass becomes as iconic as the Fifth Avenue Cube, it can also become the fifth most photographed landmark in New York City. And we've learned that if you have to, you can close an entire street in Sydney to bring in three-story panes of glass." And, "We even built a full-scale facade of the Regent Street store in a Cupertino parking lot to be sure the design was right. Which taught us the value of seeing things full size."

MacRumors has transcribed the complete text. It's worth a read, even just to observe the energy and attention to detail Apple places in its retail stores.

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