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London Apple fans can watch the WWDC keynote and drink beer


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That's it. I'm moving to London.

The London Mac User Group is meeting up at the Wood Marylebone NW1 Pub at 17:45 BST on Monday to watch the WWDC keynote, which sounds like a wonderful idea to me. What could be better than quaffing a pint or two, listening to "one more thing" from Steve Jobs, playing Keynote Rumor Bingo, and sitting down to a plate of curry?

To find out more about the festivities, visit the London Mac User Group Facebook page or go directly to the event listing here to RSVP. If anyone else is planning on a keynote watching party, use our handy new "Tip Us" button to let us know about it. And if you need a place to watch the keynote all by your lonesome, don't worry -- we at TUAW will be covering it and all of the news from it as usual, so you can come join us.

A tip of the TUAW bowler hat to Steve N.

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