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Trion Worlds and Syfy to debut Defiance at E3 2011


Three years ago, Syfy announced that it would be teaming up with RIFT creator Trion Worlds to construct the world's first MMO that would actively intertwine with a live-action TV series. This project became Defiance, which will be making its debut at E3 2011. The groundbreaking project will create a shared universe for the game and TV series, with each influencing the other through actions the characters and players take.

The game -- an action-based shooter that will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 -- will be set in the San Francisco Bay Area, whereas the TV series will take place around St. Louis, Missouri. Both, however, take place on the same conflict-torn future Earth where humans and aliens coexist, though whether they do so peacefully or not remains to be seen. Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion Worlds, has this to say about the project: "This is essentially the convergence of the television and gaming industry into one fully-developed cohesive property. Syfy is creating a television show that takes place in the fictional universe that the game is set in. The game and the show will constantly [influence] each other from the moment they simultaneously launch." If done properly, Defiance could bring a new level of persistence and player influence to the genre. Keep an eye out for more on this upcoming title as E3 draws ever closer, and be sure to head over to Hollywood Reporter for the full article.

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