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Domain registrations promise to take us to 'Kinect Disneyland'


If families are opting to stay at home and spend time with their elaborate home entertainment systems, rather than venturing outside into a miasma of humanity and cotton candy, Disney might as well beam Disneyland right into their homes. According to new domain registrations (spotted by Superannuation), Disney has a couple of potential titles in mind for what appears to be a new park-themed Kinect game.

Possible titles include: Kinect Disney World, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Disneyland, Kinect Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland Kinect. We'd have preferred "Disney's Magic Kinect Kingdom," but we're not in charge of these things, are we?

Beyond the potential titles, Disney hasn't doled out a fast pass to any more information. If the purveyor of magic pulls this off, expect to hear this a lot: "Daddy, I liked going to Disneyland in the living room ... but can't we go to the real thing this weekend?"

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