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Perpetuum blog outlines summer development schedule

Jef Reahard

Hot on the heels of some unfortunate mass bannings, Avatar Creations has posted a more upbeat Perpetuum blog entry. Dev Zoom takes us through the planned content updates for the next few months, and despite the title's PvP nature, there are PvE-focused patches coming.

"While our sandbox storyline assignments may not turn out as grandiose as those in other dedicated themepark MMOs, they will still be a nice breeze of fresh air for those interested in the lore and the ones looking for non-standard objectives," Zoom says.

There's also a blurb about some new career advice functionality (which will basically be an add-on to the existing help system for players who want to do XYZ but don't know how to begin). Outpost maintenance fees are also in the works, as are tweaks to the friend system (to make it less trivial to spy on your enemies). Finally, Zoom talks a bit about the energy credit system and how it will affect the world of Nia. Read all about in on the official Perpetuum dev blog.

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