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Rumor: Microsoft E3 page reveals Dance Central 2, 'Ryse' for Kinect, more


Plausible-looking screenshots of a previous version of the Xbox E3 community site reveal, in addition to news about the Halo remake, some new Kinect stuff. We've heard plenty of scuttlebutt about Dance Central 2, including domain registrations and surveys, and ... this screenshot has some more! The blurb promises "new songs and new moves."

Other new stuff includes "Ryse," a Kinect action-adventure game in which "you are the warrior," Kinect Sports Season 2, and Kinect Fun Labs (also seen in domain registrations), which is described as an "app" with "crazy, cool new gadgets."

This certainly looks like a real page, but this is all rumor for now, because Microsoft has replaced the page.

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