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Sony 'PS Vita' logo appears on EU trademark registry filing


On friday, while no one was peeking, Sony Computer Entertainment was quietly filing to trademark the name "PS Vita" and a logo in Europe. But NeoGAF forum user B.D. noticed, and pointed out the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union (breath) filing this morning, which again hints at the repeatedly rumored final name of Sony's codenamed handheld, the NGP.

Additionally, Sony Computer Entertainment filed for the name "PlayStation Vita." Unfortunately, none of the listings specifically spell out what exactly the trademark is for -- each of the three listings denotes a wide range of potential applications, including gaming (and specifically handheld gaming). It's likely we'll find out what's what tomorrow evening, when Sony's E3 2011 presser kicks off, and the company is expected to put a final name on its upcoming handheld.

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