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Microsoft's Joe Belfiore kicks off iOS5 'we did it first' contest, sarcasm meter hits 11

Sharif Sakr

Joe Belfiore is hardly average, you know -- he's Windows Phone Program Director at Microsoft. And you don't scale those heights by being the kind of wimp who would just lie down and be trampled over by a herd of new iOS 5 features. No sir. While more timid men might have distracted themselves with minor problems like disappointing sales, Belfiore instead reached deep into that strong place we all discover when we're backed into a corner and pulled out his Twitter login. What ensued was a list of WP features that he feels "flattered" to see imitated by Apple, starting off with that most original of originals: a dedicated camera button. We're guessing it's just a matter of time before Andy Rubin follows suit.

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