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Wii U Assassin's Creed details loosed at Nintendo roundtable


After just barely revealing that an Assassin's Creed title is in the works for Nintendo's Wii U, Ubisoft reps took to the Nintendo roundtable this evening and spoke to some of the features we'll see in the still untitled game (we're calling it "Assassin's Cwiihd"). Well, okay, first Ubisoft wanted to talk about the console itself. First and foremost, the Wii U has "powerful multi-core architecture" which allows Ubisoft to port its engines and assets directly over. And if you're anything like us, you're all about graphical shaders -- you'll be happy to know, then, that the Wii U is totally capable of handling that.

Beyond that, the game will, like previous AC titles, have the usual Eagle Vision sense ability. Specific to the Wii U, however, is an interactive map and database -- presumably for use with the WiiPad -- as well as some form of "alternative" puzzle solving. Ubi wouldn't confirm whether the title will be Assassin's Creed 3 or a Wii U version of Revelations or something else entirely, but you can bet we'll be hounding them for answers as the week progresses.

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