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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Feed Me Oil


I'm going to see what Chillingo has to offer here at E3 later on today, but in the meantime, this recent release on the App Store is gaining some popularity (and has been featured by Apple as iPhone game of the week this week). It's sort of a liquid physics puzzler -- there's oil coming out of a spigot at the top of each level, and you've got to funnel it down, using a series of platform pieces, into a waiting "mouth" somewhere on screen. Gameplay is simple but interesting as the game very slowly opens up, level by level, into more and more creative ways to find solutions.

The standard Chillingo polish is here as well -- each level has the usual three star rating, a timer that tracks how fast you complete things and even a score depending on how well you do. Leaderboard and achievements are tracked with Game Center and Crystal, and there's a fun social feature for sharing levels with friends as well.

Feed Me Oil is a fun little physics outing that doesn't do a lot of new things, but does what it does in a polished and fun way. It's only US$0.99, so give it a look when you want a little physics thinking to do.

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