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Word game Quarrel rescued by Ignition, now headed to iOS and consoles


Last year, developer Denki was forced to cut staff when it couldn't find a publisher for Quarrel, an XBLA word game that combines anagram-searching with very light Risk-style territory battles. But over a year later, the developer finally did find the right partner for Quarrel, one who "values good games," as a frustrated Denki blog post put it last year: Ignition.

It was the XBLA version of Quarrel that Ignition showed off in its E3 booth, but Ignition's Shane Bettenhausen explained that the word game will actually launch on iOS first this summer, followed by console versions later in the year.

Quarrel pits two players against one another as they attempt to capture each discrete chunk of territory on a map. To do so, players must challenge the opponent to, essentially, a word jumble. Eight letters appear on screen, and the number of those letters that can be used is determined by the number of soldiers in the particular group you're controlling. So, for example, if a regiment of four soldiers attacks a territory manned by six, the attacking player can only make up to four-letter words, and the defender can make six-letter words. Each letter has a point value, like Scrabble, and the player with the highest score wins.

Proving its implied commitment to value -- "good games" -- Denki added some interesting educational extras. At the end of every match, the best possible word, one that uses all eight letters, is presented on screen, and even defined. When it comes to games that increase our word power, there'll be no contention from us.

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