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Galaxy S i9000 owners get an early shot at Android 2.3.4 (video)

Zachary Lutz

If you were among the select Galaxy S i9000 users who laughed your way to Gingerbread's glory as more tepid owners experienced the torments of waiting for an official release, it's time to stray from the pack once again -- Android 2.3.4 has leaked and it's begging for a good flash. In addition to the widely touted Gtalk video chat, you'll find Android Open Accessory support, which offers plenty of opportunities for the Arduino-inclined. A quick word of caution: the ROM must be flashed with Odin, but if you're new to the bleeding-edge bandwagon, just make sure to read the instructions first -- even if doing so goes against your nature. Finally, if you're a visual learner, we've included a video from xda-developers member "itskapil" to walk you through the process. After all, even seasoned techies can benefit from a helping hand.

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