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Passcode stealing app banned by Apple


Apple clamped down on the Big Brother Security App and removed the passcode-stealing lockscreen app from the App Store. Daniel Amitay is the developer behind the Big Brother app, which hit the headlines this week.

The controversial app uses its own lockscreen and grabs the passcodes users enter into the program. Amitay compiled this data and produced a shocking report that suggests many iOS users have weak passwords like 1234 and 0000.

Once the spotlight was shined on his passcode app, Apple took notice and removed the app from the App Store. Amitay believed he could collect the passcode data because it was not personally identifiable information. He is hoping to work with Apple to get his app back into the App Store, even if it removes this passcode collecting feature. In an altruistic move, Amitay claims he intended to use this data in the next update of the app to warn people of insecure passwords.

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