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Toshiba adds 19 incher to battery-powered TV line, squeezes in 1Seg tuner


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So, those 32- and 24-inch, battery-packing Power TV sets were a little too unwieldy for you, huh? We understand, and so does Toshiba, that's why the company is downsizing its outlet-independent line to 19-inches -- surely you won't mind lugging around this 11 pounder. Ok, maybe you're not actually meant to carry it with you, but you could move it from room to room without worrying about finding an receptacle. The lithium ion battery pack can push 720p images to the screen for up to five hours, though firing up the integrated 1Seg tuner during a black out cuts that back to about three. In addition to its low energy usage, it can be instructed to charge only during off peak hours -- saving you some dough on your electricity bills. The Regza 19P2 will hit shelves in Japan early next month for a rumored price of about $500, while extra battery packs will go on sale in August for around $90.

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