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Allods Online reveals more about... Revelation


Free-to-play favorite Allods Online marches ever closer to Patch 2.0.04. While we got a good look at the interesting Reincarnation system last week, today gPotato is highlighting two of the patch's new areas: Twilight Isle and the Cave of Tka-Rik.

Twilight Isle will be the latest end zone to hit the game, with a height requirement of 46 or above to go on this ride. It's no happy carnival, either; the Isle is populated by the Demonic Cult and its deathmetal decor. Players will be tasked with figuring out why the demons are starting to move through the Astral and to stop them posthaste. Among the many new quests to come with the zone is the ability to take out demons with a portable cannon, which automatically makes it the coolest feature we've heard of this week. So far.

Tka-Rik's Cave is another endgame challenge, wherein lie many deadly trials that are guarding the secret behind the Revelation.

We don't have a firm date for 2.0.04 yet, but the way Allods is promoting it, it shouldn't be too far off!

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