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New PS3 hardware update in Japan; Xillia bundle comes with new model


Nope, you still won't get an HDMI cable in the box with new PlayStation 3 hardware that arrives this September in Japan, but you will get a "charcoal black" console with decreased power consumption, a lightened chassis, and a 320GB HDD. Thrillingly named the "CECH-3000B," the new model was announced by Sony of Japan this past weekend, alongside the opening of an official website (once a retailer had outed it).

Apparently a handful of visual changes have been made to the system as well, specifically applying to the power and eject buttons, but the changes aren't obvious in images released thus far.

The console by itself will run ¥34,980 ($435.56), and a 160GB version of the new model will ship with a previously announced Tales of Xillia bundle this September. It should also be noted that the Tales of Xillia model is ¥37,980 ($470) and looks way, way sweeter.

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