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Sega Pass hack exposed 1.3 million accounts, LulzSec denies responsibility


The Sega Pass hack has been upgraded from "temporary loss of some service to which we weren't really paying attention," all the way to "reasonably serious business." In a statement to Reuters, Sega revealed the scope of the data breach: over 1.3 million user accounts, including dates of birth and passwords. The publisher made it clear when it initially announced the breach that payment information wasn't at risk.

"We are deeply sorry for causing trouble to our customers," Sega spokesperson Yoko Nagasawa said in today's statement. "We want to work on strengthening security."

This time, hacker collective LulzSec isn't claiming responsibility, instead sending out a tweet offering to help Sega find the actual culprit. "We love the Dreamcast," they said. "These people are going down."

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