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1Password 3.6 adds Lion support, drops Leopard/PowerPCs (Updated)


1Password 3.6 is out now with a plethora of changes. Most notably, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is now supported while OS X 10.5 Leopard and PowerPC support has been dropped.

David Chartier writes that the number of 1Password customers who are using Leopard or a PowerPC-based Mac has fallen into the single digits. Dropping Leopard/PowerPC support enables developers to shrink 1Password's size by 12 percent.

Chartier told TUAW that AgileBits looked into adopting Snow Leopard features such as Grand Central Dispatch in January 2010. The Snow Leopard features make it easier to do things under the hood, having a big impact on user-end experience, but essentially weren't possible with Leopard.

AgileBits co-founders made the final decision to pull Leopard support after consulting with the rest of the team, including support personnel and developers. Chartier said that less than six percent of 1Password users are on Leopard.

Leopard users can download an older version of 1Password as needed.

Lion support, on the other hand, means that 1Password will be compatible with the OS from the day it's available in the Mac App Store. The Safari extension also received an update to match it to the Chrome extension that debuted in November.

Other changes to 1Password include:

  • Adds support for Firefox 5 while dropping support for Firefox 3.
  • Adds support for Fluid
  • Adds support for the upcoming Dropbox 1.2
  • Changed the About page to reflect the company's name change to AgileBits.
  • Removed Camino extension
  • Can use Amazon CloudFront as an alternate download location
  • A number of other bug fixes and changes

1Password 3.6 for Mac requires OS X 10.6 or higher. A single-user license is US$39.99 and a family license is $59.99. Upgrade pricing varies, depending on the original date of purchase. A free trial is available.

Update: Chartier clarified that the redesigned Safari extension will only be seen in Lion. Snow Leopard users retain the current extension.

Update 2: Chartier let us know that the redesigned Safari extension will be available to Snow Leopard users once Apple releases Safari 5.1, which is currently in developer preview.

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