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Hawaii, Miami Apple Stores to be remodeled


Apple's retail improvement and expansion continues in both Hawaii and Florida. The Ala Moana store in Hawaii is slated for a complete overhaul starting soon. The retail outlet will be moving several doors down to a temporary location that will house the Apple Store until construction on its permanent home is completed. The project will cost US$250,000 but it's money well spent as the Ala Moana store is located in one of the top U.S. malls for foot traffic and per-purchase totals.

Upgrading an Apple Store is not always smooth sailing, though. Apple recently pulled a proposal to demolish and move to a new building near its current Miami Beach, Florida location. According to the proposal, Apple would move from its current store on 738 Lincoln Road to a new store at 1001. The move was derailed by the city's Historic Preservation Board which rejected the plans because they wanted the new building to be smaller and match the historic architecture of this district in the Florida city.

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