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Zelnick planning on more Duke Nukem, figuring out tablet gaming


Tuesday 21 June

I've had all scales removed from Take-Two HQ since becoming CEO. I have too much work to do and I can't be checking my buffness at every water fountain and copy machine (all of which had scale attachments). I do still check it after workouts and after a good cry, when I consume a pint of Chunky Monkey while reading Duke Nukem Forever reviews.

Food consumed today: Don't know, trying to stay relaxed and groovy as CEO. Get in touch with my inner artist. Do I eat? Did I eat? Am I eating now? I don't know and I'm trying not to care.

Morning. The light glistened off the Chrysler Building in such a magnificent way I grabbed a street artist to paint me a picture of it. New York.

Hey Diary,

Trying to stay cool and hip in this CEO gig. I get into my office every morning, lock the door, pull the shades and just shake out all my negative energies for a minute. It's helping with some highs and lows I've experienced in my first six months.

Spoke to Forbes at E3. Told them that we're going to do more Duke Nukem in the future -- of course, that was before the manure got put on the sauna heater -- but Randino Pitchford already said we would, so I'll go with that.

See, Diary... I'm just going with it. Relaxed. We have certain projects we want done, but like I told Forbes: "What we have stopped well short of is having a discussion with the creative team, saying 'Even though you think this is a stupid idea, do it anyway.' We try not to have conversations like that."

Speaking of which, we gotta get on that tablet train and make it work. GTA: Chinatown Wars for iPhone worked creatively but it wasn't "economically meaningful." We gotta figure out a way to charge real money for real games on portable devices.

Sorry to get all biz on you Diary, much love,

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