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NCsoft announces San Diego Comic-Con events and schedule


If you're planning to attend the San Diego Comic-Con next month, and if you happen to be a fan of Guild Wars or City of Heroes, then NCsoft wants you to swing by its booth while you're in the neighborhood. Attendees will be able "to meet artists and developers from City of Heroes Freedom and Guild Wars 2." NCsoft will be giving the latest news on City of Heroes' recently announced free-to-play transition as well as giving fans the opportunity to take Guild Wars 2's Engineer class for a spin. In addition to all of that, City of Heroes' Desdemona will be making appearances at the booth while City of Heroes comic artist David "Noble Savage" Nakayama whips up free illustrations of selected CoH players' characters. The artists of Guild Wars 2 will also be present to sign limited-edition postcard art books.

But of course the party doesn't stop at the convention; NCsoft's Fan Meet & Greet takes place Friday the 22nd. Fans will have to check the NCsoft schedule for details on how to acquire tickets as it is a ticketed event, but those fortunate enough to attend will have the privilege of rubbing elbows with CoH and GW2 developers and artists. And of course, fans will be afforded the opportunity to go hands-on with City of Heroes Freedom and Guild Wars 2. For more information, check out the official announcement and NCsoft's Comic-Con schedule.

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