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Fallen Earth dev blog talks Alpha County, factional territory control, and more

Jef Reahard

There's a new Fallen Earth dev blog in town, and it's so big that it requires the input of two devs. Producer Marie Croall outlines the game's upcoming development schedule and even drops a release date for the much-anticipated Alpha County/Progress Towns/combat changes patch. That date is July 6th, and Croall provides a recap for those of you who've forgotten about the fact that the update will raise the level cap to 55 and introduce new resources, gear, missions, and a town to fight over.

Croall also hints at upcoming changes to Fallen Earth's fast travel system, and she's quick to point out that the team isn't "dumbing anything down -- just putting emphasis on the features that drive the game." Speaking of features, we learned that a world event system is coming, as is faction territory control. It sounds as if the details haven't been ironed out just yet, as Croall doesn't offer any specifics. She also invites players to ask plenty of questions "so [they] can explore all angles together."

GamersFirst's Joseph "Linus" Willmon checks in to update players on the status of the PTS as well as the new monitoring tools that G1 is putting in place to isolate those pesky server performance issues. Finally, there's a quick blurb about skill and faction respec items that have been added to the Fallen Earth store. Catch up on all of this and more at the official Fallen Earth dev blog.

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