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Tiny Tower picks up a million downloads in four days


Developer Ian Marsh of NimbleBit has been sharing some interesting facts and figures on Twitter about his new app Tiny Tower. Perhaps the most impressive overall is that the pixelated freemium tower simulation game has already gained a million players, despite only being on the App Store for four days. There's a large amount of engagement with these users as well; Marsh has also tweeted that each user is logging in for a number of different sessions during the day (the game encourages you to come back often to re-stock the various stores in your tower). That's added up to a lot of playtime -- over a quarter century and counting.

Perhaps most importantly for NimbleBit, Tiny Tower is seeing about 2.6 percent of its users actually invest in in-app purchases, which is about double the standard amount for Marsh's other big freemium title, Pocket Frogs. Obviously NimbleBit hasn't released actual dollars earned, but you can do the math to know that there's some money coming in already.

On a less-serious note, Marsh also tweeted something he calls "Tiny Tower Game Boy edition," basically just a grayscale graphics mode for the game. That's likely something that came up in development, but maybe NimbleBit is working on some new graphical styles (Update: Nope, NimbleBit was just messing around in Camera+. Oh well.). There is one update already out for approval (mostly bug fixes), and there's surely more to come.

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