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'PSP Remaster' titles head to PS3 with help from the 'PSP Engine'


Sony has revealed the PSP Engine, a middleware technology that bridges games from PlayStation Portable to the PlayStation 3 -- specifically, the titles related to Sony's "PSP Remaster" series. The company announced the technology during a session of the Games Tools & Middleware Forum 2011 this week, reports Famitsu (via Andriasang).

According to the report, PSP Engine offers some major boons in PSP-to-PS3 HD porting, including high-resolution rendering, stereoscopic 3D output, and wireless controller support for the DualShock 3. No other "Remaster" titles were announced at the event, though it seems even more likely now that we'll see other games get the same treatment as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Though the PSP Remaster banner has only been announced for Japan so far, it hasn't stopped other publishers from rolling out remastered versions of other PSP games. Sony itself confirmed the God of War Origins collection during E3 this year.

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