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146 exhibitors sign on for post-earthquake TGS 2011, up from 138 in 2010


CESA revealed today that 146 companies (including 34 from outside of Japan) have agreed to exhibit at the 2011 edition of the Tokyo Game Show "despite the Great East Japan Earthquake," a show of force that proves "that games are loved by people all over the world." That's more than the 138 companies that came to the Makuhari Messe venue last year, pre-earthquake. They'll all be operating their booths with reduced power usage, as the show seeks to drop electricity consumption by 25% versus 2010.

The list of exhibitors includes perennial attendees like Capcom, Square Enix, and Sega -- but, startlingly, TGS show floor superstars Level-5 are listed only in the "Business Meeting Area." No Level-5 booth? What line are we going to stand in for the entire first day?

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Press Release
June 30, 2011

Organizer's Information No. 1

146 Exhibitors for the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011
Advance Ticket and TGS Supporters Tickets
go on sale July 13!

Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association
Nikkei Business Publications, Inc

The Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA; Chairman: Yoichi
Wada; location: Minato-ku, Tokyo), in cooperation with Nikkei Business
Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP; President & CEO: Kohei Osada; location:
Minato-ku, Tokyo), will hold the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011 over a four-day period
from Thursday September 15 to Sunday September 18, 2011 at Makuhari Messe in
Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. The number of exhibitors and their
names (as of June 22) was announced today, along with ticket information and
other updates.
In consideration of the power shortage expected this summer, we have decided
to implement power-saving measures to reduce electricity consumption by 25%
compared with last year.

[ TOKYO GAME SHOW 2011 (as of June 22) ]
Number of Exhibitors: 146 companies
Number of booth partition units: 1,213 units
*See Exhibit 1 for details on exhibitors

The fact that as many as 146 companies and organizations (34 exhibitors from
overseas) are going to participate in the event despite the Great East Japan
Earthquake shows that games are loved by people all over the world. In this
year's game show, in addition to new controversial game devices, the number
of exhibitions related to social games and smartphone games will be increased
significantly. Changes and new possibilities in the gaming industry will be
displayed. Don't miss the wide variety of sponsor events such as the TGS
Forum with renewed session themes and game tournaments.

The popular TGS2011 SUPPORTERS CLUB tickets (\3,000 with privileges, tax
inclusive) and advance tickets (\1,000, tax inclusive) will go on sale
Wednesday July 13. We will also be selling Business Day advance registration
tickets (\5,000, tax inclusive), exclusively for those in the gaming industry,
as we did last year.

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