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Game Gear mod 'Handy Gear' adds bigger screen, rechargeable batteries, Master System support


Hindsight is 20/20. We bet Sega has a whole laundry list of stuff they wish they would've changed about the Game Gear -- like the fact that it took 80 AA batteries for about 20 minutes of game time. And that it was by far the biggest "portable" console ever. But hey, we can't fault Sega: we had tons of fun with the thing and we're cognizant of the technological limitations at the time.

But now, in 2011, we want something better. Thankfully, Ben Heck forum user lovablechevy is here to save the day with a most bitchin' Game Gear mod. It's got a five-inch screen (ripped from a PSOne), internal rechargeable batteries, a custom case and a Master Gear converter. We wouldn't be surprised if the thing also had storage compartments for Totino's pizza rolls and Mountain Dew.

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