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Xbox Live Indie Gems: TIC: Part 1


Crowded as it is with farting massage simulators, it can be hard to find worthwhile titles on Xbox Live Indie Games. That's why we sift through all that rough to unearth a few gems. That way, you get the skinny on quality games and we get to indulge our secret passion for fart machines. This week, we take RedCandy Games' TIC: Part 1 for a spin.

In the latest episode of Xbox Live Indie Gems, we try out TIC: Part 1 from RedCandy Games. It's a 2D platformer with some challenging hovering mechanics and beautiful visuals.

Want to try out TIC: Part 1? You can queue the trial version for download here on! The full version is 240 MS Points ($3). If you've discovered (or created) an outstanding Xbox Live Indie Game and think it deserves some more visibility, email Richard aat joystiq dawt com, subject line "Xbox Live Indie Gems." Want to find more indie gems? Check out the archive.

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