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Brawling and BBQ in this week's PSN imports


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With the PSN back in action, MonkeyPaw Games can resume its task of publishing weird Japanese PlayStation games. It's announced two new (to us) games coming this week, one beat-em-up and one ... grill-em-up.

Rapid Angel (or, in full: Kaisoku Tenshi The Rapid Angel) is an anime-style side-scrolling brawler, originally released in 1998, featuring (Japanese) voice acting and a weird two-player mode that puts the second player in the role of a flying "angel" that supports the first player.

Yakiniku Bugyou is a game that would have sounded much stranger back in the PS1 days, pre-Cooking Mama: it's a game in which you place meat on different areas of a grill to cook to different heat levels, in order to satisfy customers who have very specific tastes.

Both will be in the PSOne Imports store today, for $5.99 each.

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Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou Bring Back Import Action

After a few months adjournment, MonkeyPaw Games is pleased to bring you a new batch of subliminally strange Japanese imports for the Playstation®Network Import Store. New arrivals this week will be Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou, two titles guaranteed to pull your sense of Asian admiration. These are unique, fresh titles that are coming to digital download for the first time and available at the low price of $5.99 each.

Rapid Angel bleeds Japanese culture. Anime characters set the scene in this captivating action beat-em-up. Choose between three heroines, each with their own fighting style and personality. There is much nuanced charm and detail here, a stylish and well-crafted game.

But that's not all.

There have been many food simulation games over the years. Something about balancing the art of cooking while pleasing your patrons fits video games well. The act has that compelling tension that fosters strategy and quick reaction.

So with an extended drumroll we bring you a foodie game of Japanese cuisine and eating etiquette. Yakiniku Bugyou is a restaurant simulation based on that favorite food, red meat. Yakiniku are thin slices of a various meats barbequed over flaming charcoal. Like our upcoming summer project BurgerTime World Tour, this food extravaganza will get you hungry just playing! The frenetic puzzler requires being an extra careful, fast and efficient chef. Just don't overcook the meat and watch your customers for a satisfying result.

We'll be releasing many more games in the coming months. Please continue to keep an eye on our upcoming titles. LIKE us on Facebook at and FOLLOW us on Twitter at

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