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Ankama releases new Vulkania zone for DOFUS

Jef Reahard

DOFUS, the free-to-play fantasy MMO from Ankama, is embarking on a somewhat novel approach to new zone content. The game's newest map area is an archipelago called Vulkania, and it's only available to players during the months of July and August.

The isle features varying terrain including white sand beaches, tropical jungles, craters, and various caverns, not to mention strange wildlife. Among the new monster species are the sauroshell family and a pet/mount called a madreggon. According to an Ankama press release, "Vulkania is also home to Grozilla and Grasmera, two terrors who are back to shake the World of Twelve once more!"

The release also provides a concise summary of what we can expect from Vulkania aside from its monsters, and amenities include 40 new quests, 13 new equipment items, and 3 new titles. Check out the official DOFUS website for more.

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