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Sony Ericsson txt pro examined by FCC, 3G lovers shunned

Brad Molen

Making it through the gauntlet of the FCC is often a very secretive process, since most manufacturers choose to keep the majority of details about a phone confidential. When that device in question's already been the subject of a large Facebook campaign, however, there's no point in staying quiet. This is the case of the Sony Ericsson txt pro (SK15a), a messaging device that came through the FCC's labs with the photos unobscured. The handset appears to be designed primarily for texters and -- given the lack of North American 3G or 4G support -- nobody else on this side of the pond. While the txt pro has GSM 850 / 1900 bands to make it compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, it's likely geared for developing markets and won't see much (if any) facetime on store shelves in the US. We can't imagine your thumbs will be terribly disappointed by this, but at least there's countless other messaging phones out there to help your phalanges feel right at home.

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