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Joyswag: Come get free copies of this week's PSOne Imports


Was your interest piqued by Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou, the two import PlayStation games released on PSN this week by MonkeyPaw Games? Would you, perhaps, like your very own copy of the Japanese BBQ shop simulator Yakiniku Bugyou, or the anime brawler Rapid Angel? Would that be something you'd be into?

Okay, we're going to stop speaking in questions now. We have 16 codes for each game, usable on the North American PSN, and we will place them on Facebook soon. If you want the best chance to win one of them, you should probably "Like" us to get an early alert when we add more. We'll also DM a couple to people who Like our page.

The codes are courtesy of publisher MonkeyPaw Games, who also tends to hand out codes through its @MonkeyPawGames Twitter account.

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