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Keita Takahashi joins Tiny Speck, working on 'Glitch' MMO


Keita Takahashi has stretched the Boy in his iPhone Noby Noby Boy app all the way from Tokyo to Vancouver, as developer Tiny Speck announces that the Katamari Damacy creator has moved there to join the team working on Glitch. What's that feeling? Yes, many of you are now contemplating playing an MMO for the first time.

Glitch, in case you don't remember, is the cute side-scrolling MMO about occupying the imaginations of eleven giants with multifarious googly eyes, created by a team put together by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield. "A few months ago we were lucky enough to start talking to [Takahashi]," Butterfield said on the game's blog. "We played some Glitch together, batted ideas back and forth and found that we shared the same values - deep beliefs in curiosity, humor, absurdity, and above all a belief in the positive power of play." As a result of this summit, Takahashi joined Tiny Speck in an unspecified capacity.

In addition to this new role, Takahashi's company Uvula appears to still be active, mostly in creating artwork for other media. Glitch is currently in beta, and expected to launch this summer.

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