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Apple TV to score Bluetooth support with iOS 5, make search slightly less painful?


Did you know that your second-gen Apple TV has a Bluetooth radio hidden inside it? Well it does but, until now, the only way to access it was with a little jailbreaking and some command line chops. That could all be changing though, with the release of iOS 5 this fall. 9to5Mac pulled some interesting code from the latest developer beta of iOS indicating that support for Bluetooth keyboards is coming to the Apple TV and, potentially, the ability pair other devices as well. In addition to making search without the iPhone remote app far less painful, a keyboard is an essential part of bringing apps to the tiny media box -- something that has been rumored would happen for quite sometime. It's possible these capabilities will only be unlocked on some unannounced third-gen streaming device, but we're hoping this will bring a little life to our still reasonably new iTunes boxes.

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