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GameStop completes Impulse integration, ex-Microsoft exec Shane Kim joins board


GameStop recently announced it has completed the integration of digital sales platform GameStop Impulse and has added former Microsoft Games Studios VP and strategy honcho Shane Kim to its board of directors. Both are major moves that continue the company's methodical positioning of pieces in preparation to accommodate digitally distributed product alongside boxed retail offerings.

Kim, who spent nearly two decades at Microsoft, had been quite direct about the complications involved in a future where publishers, retail and platform holders had to compromise on games being sold through online portals. With his knowledge of Microsoft's efforts with Xbox Live, he should be a valuable asset advising on GameStop Impulse.

Purchased from Stardock in March, Impulse -- now GameStop Impulse -- is now completely integrated into the company, claiming to offer over 1,200 games at The company isn't looking to get Steam-rolled when it comes to eye-catching sales, so it plans to hold daily deals on PC titles, with discounts reaching up to 75 percent.

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