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Modern Warfare 3 being tested for glitches and 'sploits by glitchers, 'sploiters

"mapMonkeys are a community of gamers who have become infatuated with discovering and sharing glitches, exploits, tricks, and strategies found in the video games they play." And now, that very same community is putting its prodigious abilities to use ... at Infinity Ward? "Four members of mapMonkeys are being flown out to California on Sunday, July 10th, to test Modern Warfare 3," founder Rezzo wrote on the mapMonkeys forum.

"The mapMonkeys are correct," Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling told CVG. "They're out at the studio to help us run Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer through its paces." While the 'Monkeys had previously lent their talents to World at War and Modern Warfare 2 -- two Call of Duty games that still suffered from a fair amount of glitches and 'sploits -- this time is different. Rezzo said, "We've been flown out to test other games in the past [...] but we only had 2 or 3 days to test the game and find glitches, which wasn't nearly enough time." This go-round, they'll have an entire week to ... un-glitch and, uh ... de-exploit the game.

While we love seeing this kind of preemptive planning, the cynics in us have already preemptively stopped playing Modern Warfare 3 because of all the future-glitches and neo-hacks! Can the mapMonkeys do the impossible, reach directly into our shared futures and de-hack the game? And if so, think they'd pick us up an iPhone 5 while they're over there?

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