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Foursquare promised for N9, updated S40 variant looks to tide you over (video)


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Been too long since your last MeeGo fix? Foursquare's stepping in to hold you over with a video of the popular location-based service on Nokia's upcoming N9. While waiting to get your grubby paws all over Elop's miscarriage, indulge yourself in an updated S40 app -- shown running here on a couple Touch-and-Type devices -- which now features tighter Ovi Maps integration and the heretofore omitted "Explore" function. The inclusions, the company reckons, will help those in emerging markets like South America and Asia grow its ten million over-sharing user base. Glimpses of both can be seen beyond the break along with Foursquare's CEO Naveen Selvadurai musing on all things Finnish.

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