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Kootol patent infringement notices targets Twitter-client developers


Apparently not content in letting Lodsys hog all the patent-trolling fun, India-based Kootol Software Limited has decided to send out a number of patent-infringement notices to companies ranging from Apple, Google and Microsoft to Iconfactory, Seesmic and Ubermedia. All of these are drawn off of another patient-infringement notice filed against Twitter and revolve around transmitting messages to others in real time via a subscription feed, which is the basis of Twitter's service.

MacStories' Cody Fink provided a handy link to an in-depth post by FOSS Patents which theorizes why Kootol pulled the move that it did -- mainly to scare companies into paying what is considered to be a poorly funded venture while Kootol's patent application is pending. In any case, Kootol has emerged as a rival to Lodsys as this year's Grinch, but Kootol's ultimate goal appears to be taking on Twitter with everyone else as collateral. We hope Apple will help its developers fend off Kootol just like it's doing with Lodsys.

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