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Akira Yamaoka 'tag-teaming with Suda 51' on game development


Akira Yamaoka's business card may identify him as Grasshopper Manufacture's "Chief Sound Officer," but the leather-bound composer's new job embodies more than just audio. During an interview at the 8-4 Play podcast, Yamaoka detailed his role.

"At Grasshopper, I'm creating sound, but not only sound," he said. "I'm the leader of the development team, so I'm tag-teaming with Suda 51, and I'm actually involved with game creation as well as sound." He then went on to tease "a few titles we're going to announce soon, so stay tuned."

Listen to the whole podcast to learn more about Yamaoka and his career -- including why he planned to quit Konami after his first week.

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