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Star Trek Online's Dine with the Devs event details


With San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner, attendees are making their final plans on what events and attractions they are going to visit in the historic city by the bay. While there is always a decent turn out of Star Trek fans, many Star Trek Online players have always hoped for a stronger presence from Cryptic. Whether it be a panel interview, a booth, or even just a casual meet-up, Captains want to connect with their developers. Well, dreams are about to come true!

Priority One, the STO podcast for which I am Executive Producer, will be hosting the first ever Dine with the Devs event this Friday evening, July 22nd. While not affiliated with Massively, this casual meet-up will take place off-site at a local restaurant in the San Diego area. As we dine on the patio, the devs in attendance will be answering players' questions about the game and explaining their roles on the project. It is important to note that each attendees' expenses are their own responsibility. For more information, including location and time, visit the information page.

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