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OLPC XO-3 cases may sport solar panels, satellite internet, grant three wishes


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We'll give Nicholas Negroponte one thing, he's nothing if not ambitious. The OLPC founder always has some pie-in-the-sky vision for the XO line of child-centric computers, including dual-screens and hand-cranks. Now that we've skipped right past the XO-2 for the ARM-powered, and still MIA, XO-3 it's time for a whole new round of concepts. The latest is a series of accessory cases for the potentially Android-sporting tablets that boast satellite internet capabilities or solar panels for charging its battery. The former MIT Media Lab head has even suggested that a more mundane cover with a keyboard could be on tap. Of course, it would probably help if the foundation could get the machines out the door first. We haven't heard much about the XO-3 since the last round of delays pushed its release back to February... of 2011. But you know what they say, better late, and all that jazz.

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