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Spider-Man: Edge of Time dated at Comic-Con, Spidey is Mr. October

What better place to drop some info on the latest Spider-Man game than Comic-Con? While Spider-Man: Edge of Time doesn't have the Mirror's Edge-style gameplay we didn't know we wanted until seeing the Amazing Spider-Man trailer, it does have something far more concrete: a release date of October 4.

The date was announced during an Activision event at San Diego Comic-Con today, along with the release date of Prototype 2, though Activision already dropped that info earlier today. There was a lot to like about Beenox's first swing at Spidey with last year's Shattered Dimensions, but our review criticized the game for feeling "rushed." Is just one year enough time to make sure Edge of Time doesn't feel similarly rushed? We'll get some hands-on time with the title at Comic-Con and let you know how what our Spidey-sense says.

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