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T-Mobile G2x Gingerbread update running through employee trials, "coming soon" just got closer

Brad Molen
You didn't think T-Mobile forgot all about you G2x users out there, did ya? The phone, foreordained to become the carrier's poster child, didn't have the best launch ever; when you release a device plagued with glitches and a nearly-immediate inventory shortage, you're not really starting off on the right foot. Don't let those "out of stock" signs fool you into thinking the mystical handset has been completely wiped from existence, however. It's still around -- in fact, the "Get More" network is hard at work to give more, prepping the phone's update to Gingerbread that'll likely include much-needed fixes. We reached out to a T-Mobile spokesperson, who briefed us on the progress of this elusive refresh:

T-Mobile is working with LG to deliver a software update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the G2x, which we expect will deliver some performance enhancements. We are currently trialing this update with a pilot group of T-Mobile employees.

As it appears, we're another step closer to one of the most-anticipated software updates of the summer. There's no telling how long this testing phase will last, nor what steps lay between now and "this summer." Regardless, Android 2.3 is still on track to show up "sooner than we'd expect," which is accurate... if you expected it to take four months.

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